"Uncanny."  "Doppelgänger". "Extraordinary." "A mirror image." "The second coming."  "The real deal." "OMG!"

That's what you'll think when you see the amazing Javier Parisi - aka "the Argentine John Lennon" - perform live at The Cavern this summer (and indeed on Instagram where he has a huge following). It's every Beatles and John Lennon fan's reaction.... because Javier nails it. Every time. 

Born in Lanus, thirty something Javier first started learning guitar (and English) at the age of eight, inspired by seeing The Beatles on TV. "They blew my mind completely", he explains.  Javier has since dedicated his life to honing not only his impressive musical craft but also his idol's mannerisms and idiosyncrasies, his energy, wit and sense of fun. 

In 1999, Javier founded The Brothers, widely recognized as one of the world's most authentic Beatles tribute bands, and has toured the world with his ensemble. The last time the band played in Liverpool was during International Beatle Week in 2009, so Javier's return to the city is a rare treat. 

Lennon contemporaries spending time in Javier's company feel as though they have turned back time. Geoff Emerick, The Beatles former sound engineer, was a huge fan, amongst others. 

"Javier doesn't just impersonate John: like a method actor, he really inhabits the role" says Helen Anderson, the Liverpool-born fashion designer who studied art and remained lifelong friends John and Cynthia Lennon. "He is shy, polite and unassuming without his costumes and make-up... but, as soon as those are on, he goes deeply into character. What really impresses me is how closely Javier resembles John in every era, from Hamburg to cheeky moptop to 70s pacifist."

Javier is currently working on a number of documentaries and TV commercials, as well as playing shows around the world. Catch him while you can. 

Instagram: @javiparisi

Facebook: Javier.parisi

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